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A Guide to Airpro New Releases!

A quick guide to all our new releases

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Airpro has revolutionized the air-car industry through trendy, easy-to-use, and organic products. Today, our products are available in more than 30 countries worldwide! Recently Airpro launched several new releases in Airpro Pakistan! Since many of you are asking, here is a guide to all the Aipro new releases this season!

Did you know? Our best seller Micman got a makeover!

Ocean Escape

Ready to rock with MIC MAN Ocean Escape?
This ultimate air freshener will take you out to the pacific ocean. An invigorating splash of coastal waves, sea salt, and a fresh ocean breeze.

Micman 2.0 Ocean Escape

Velvet Mask

Ready to roll with MICMAN Velvet Mask?
This is an ultimate masculine fragrance that will keep you enchanted. An enticing elixir with notes of leather and amber paired with accents of oak wood barrels

Micman 2.0  Velvet Mask

This sweet companion is already famous in Pakistan! Comes in 4 exciting variants!

Airpro Lucky Deer

The limited Red OUD Edition has been exciting for our beloved OUD fans! The Premium OUD Series comes in the form of an Organic Can. The special can cap to save fragrance for better performance.

Top notes: bergamot, sweet orange, gueppon;

Middle notes: rose, sandalwood, cypress, agarwood;

Base notes: ambergris, patchouli, oak moss, musk


With a huge range of exciting flavors, Mini Clip has something for all tastes. Goes right into your car vent, this mini device is trendy, affordable, and chic!

Aipro Mini Cllip

If you enjoy worlg-famous scents then this product is for you. This too comes in great variety, simply hang it in your rear-view mirror and you are good to go!

Airpro Wooden Bottle

Airpro is a dedicated car perfume brand from Max.Ex Brands USA Inc. and we have finally launched in Pakistan, by bringing some of the most exciting car air fresheners. Airpro Pakistan continues the legacy by offering trendy designs, high-quality material, and refined fragrances. Make your surroundings great with Airpro car air fresheners!