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    Max.Ex Brands USA Inc has revived the AIRPRO brand and launched some of the most exciting air fresheners, offering trendy designs, high-quality material, and refined fragrances.

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    MAX.EX Brands Inc. started its operation in Chicago in 2009 under its trademark AIRPRO. The company started as a supplier of home cleaning and fragrance products and soon became the supplier for leading brands in this category. The company has been working closely with some of the major brands in the USA producing quality products in domestic fragrances and cleaning household products over the past 7 years. MAX.EX Brands’ products were supplied to the country’s biggest supermarket chain and have known a great success among consumers. The company started off as a supplier and now it has diversified its operations in the import, export, and trading of daily household use items. The company’s network is now expanding outside the USA and started catering to the needs of emerging markets as well. MAX.EX Brands USA Inc. after several years of market experience has gathered a young and dynamic international team to develop the new AIRPRO Car Perfume series. The AIRPRO brand is inspired by the multi-cultural setting of the team and has come up with a diversified range of car air fresheners.