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Skincare Tips for Winters

Keep you skin fresh, healthy, hydrated with Airpro Skincare Tips!

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Coffee, pinecones, cozy blankets - the winter season has its own charm, With the cold weather quickly approaching in Pakistan the temperatures are dropping. There is one thing that definitely gets compromised during the harsh winter weather - our skin. Airpro Pakistan brings to you skincare tips to help you keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and fresh.

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Use Lukewarm Water

The winter season takes a toll on our skin. The main reason being taking hot water showers and using hot water to wash our face. Hot water strips off our natural skin and leaves it dry and patchy. Using lukewarm water can help help fix this problem!

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Stay Hydrated

The winter season will cause excessive dryness therefore maintain your daily water intake. Having a humidifier in your living space can also take care of excessive dryness and improve the quality of air around you.

drink  water

Use Mild Skincare Products

Using mild skin products can help to keep your skin fresh and hydrated during the harsh weather conditions. Try not to exfoliate too much and don't use too many scrubs, Your bskin does not need that right now.

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Working out in the winters seems like the most daunting task but it is important for you to keep up with your exercise routine even during the winters. Plus it will help you stay warm too!


Eat Healthy

If you want to stay healthy and fit during the winter season then you should also eat healthy food that helps you stay fit, healthy, and keeps diseases at bay. Even if you are not fulfilling your daily water intake then your fruit and vegetable intake will help cover that up and build your immunity as well.


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