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6 Do-it-Yourself Car Repair Tips

Airpro making car repair super fun and easy!

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Repairing your car can be very expensive. Especially when you’re all wrapped up in your own bills and it is difficult to make ends meet. In that case, it would be almost a blessing for you to repair your car on your own! Here are a few tips that would help you save some cash and fix your car at the same time.

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Oil Change

Every car has its own manual guide through which you can understand when the vehicle requires an oil-change. You may change the oil of your car on your own, but there are certain precautionary measures that you need to take care of. The first thing that you must be careful about is that don’t change your oil right after you drove. The oil may be very hot. Wait for a few minutes before you DIY-change your car oil. You may need a few tools such as an oil change ratchet, filter, wrench, funnel, oil-filter and fresh oil.

Car Oil Change

Replace the Rubber on Wind-Shield Wipers

Worn our wind-shield wipers can be a real issue. Especially during the rainy season. Not having proper wipers to wipe off the rain water can cause blurred vision and even result in an accident. All you need to change your wind-shield wipers are screwdrivers and new rubber!

Wind Shield Wipers

Replacing the Air Filter

A clogged air-filter may result in low-performance of your vehicle and inefficiencies in the longer run. Changing your air filter will help you increase the power and gas mileage in your car. Replacing your air filter is probably one of the easiest DIY’s there is!

Replace air filter

Brake Pads

A number of accidents occur today simply because the brake pads are not properly maintained. What if we told you that you could maintain your brake pads on your own? All you would be needing is a c-clamp, lug wrench, hammer, and jack.

Brake pads

Change your Headlights

Fix your headlight bulbs at home through a simple DIY home kit. All you would be needing is the right bulb for your car. There is no rocket science in how you need to change your headlights. It’s as simple as changing the bulb of your house hold lamps!

Car headlights

Replace your Car Batteries

Car batteries are one of the most important part of a cars electrical mechanism. You may use some kind of approved gloves when you are changing the batteries in order to protect yourself from the damage. In order to check if your car battery needs to be changed, check the voltage with a voltmeter. If the voltage is below 9.7 V. You need to change your car battery as soon as possible!

Battery voltage

Once you start implementing DIY Car Hacks, You will realize that repairing your car is both simple and interesting. It may be time-consuming in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it will no longer be a hassle and you might even enjoy it!

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