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8 Fun Facts about Scents

Airpro brings to you super fun facts about scents

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Scents make they world go round! They are one of the most powerful ways to retain memories and enjoy the present too. We, as a team have spent a great deal of time to try to figure out the connection in between scents and the human mind. Each scent is curated to fulfill your mind and leave you with a smile on your face. Here are some fun facts about scents that we have compiled just for you!

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Fact #1

Humans have the ability to detect up to 1 trillion distinct scents. This is possible through the 10 million smell receptors. Although, the actual number is unknown. Some researchers claim that the actual number is far greater than 1 trillion.

Purple flowers

Fact #2

Women are known to have a better sense of smell as compared to men. Not just that – they are also able to identify a larger number of odors are compared to men. You might be wondering how – it is all possible thanks to the orbital prefrontal region of the brain which is more developed than that of average men.

Woman smelling flowers

Fact #3

It is a known fact that dogs have a better sense of smell as compared to humans. But, the question is – by how much? Well, let us reveal it to you that dogs have almost 50 times more scent cells as compared to humans! This ability helps them pick odors from large distances.

Dog looking up

Fact #4

If you haven’t noticed till now – each one of us smell differently. The phenomenon is quite similar to your fingerprints. Every person has their own odor. This distinction comes from the same genes which determines a person’s tissue type.

Man holding flowers

Fact #5

Smell is one sense that has a strong link with memory. It has been established that people can remember memories linked with smells even after one year with an accuracy of 65%. Whereas, those memories linked with sight are remembered with only 50% of accuracy.


Fact #6

A truly heart-warming fact for you all. We can smell even before you are born! It has been established that the sense of smell is one of the first sense to develop. The sense plays a major role in development and establishing memories from a very early age.

Baby in blanket

Fact #7

Our taste buds rely strongly on our sense of smell. Did you know that our sense of smells accounts for almost 95% of the flavor? Without a sense of smell, we would fail to differentiate in between an onion and a potato!

Table with food

Fact #8

Nature provides us with a huge variety of scents. Some of the best perfumes and air fresheners are made using natural scents. The Airpro Natural Series is completely made out of organic and natural materials. Fragrances and essences are derived from different flowers, roots, barks and fruits. Follow the link for details.

Essential oils

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