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Solve 5 Common Winter Car Problems with Airpro

Airpro solving car winter problems!

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The winter season can be a real issue for those who drive. If you are living in an area with snow then it is probably enough of a hassle to shove the snow out of the way. But, brace yourself because there are tons of other issues which come with the cold nights of winter. Let’s look at it this way, the winter season will most likely affect your car in the same way as it will affect you. Although, you will be able to deal with it by increasing the thermostat in your house or by layering up, but your car won’t be able to do the same. Experts have concluded that the winter season will over time damage your car. It’s time to be proactive and take care of your car during the winter season. Let’s discuss 5 of the most common problems faced by people during the winter months and how to take care of them.

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#1 Deflated Tires

You are not the only one with a deflated tire on a cold winter morning. In fact tires lose up to 2 psi for each degree drop in temperature (below 32 degrees). Take care of your tires by regularly checking the pressure. Tires that are deflated are most likely to cause an accident as they might burst.

Deflated Tires

#2 Dead Battery

Drop in temperatures can cause a drop in the voltage of your car battery as well. An easy way to prevent your battery from losing voltage is by storing it in the indoor garage. However, it is highly recommended to sort your battery issues in time to save from a bigger issue later.

Dead Battery

#3 Frozen Wipers

Frozen winter wipers are one of the most common issue faced by drivers during the winter season. If you are living in an area which is constantly under the influence of cold weather then you should invest in winter wipers which have no metal points.

Frozen Wipers

#4 Thick Car Fluids

The winter season causes car fluids to become thick and become less efficient. The most obvious solution is to replace the thick fluids with new ones. However, an alternate solution is to start your 10-15 minutes in advance and allow the engine to warm up before your drive.

Thick Car Fluids

#5 Frozen Fuel Lines

The fuel lines are most likely to freeze during the winter season due to the condensation in the gas tank. Moreover, the fuel may freeze to the point where it is unable to reach the engine!

Frozen Fuel Lines

Taking preventive actions can help you combat with the common winter car problems and have trouble free journey. You can warm your ride with one the best car air fresheners available in the market.

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