• Helmet is an effective high-end product which not only diffuses intense, unique, and long-lasting fragrance but also gives a sophisticated touch to your car interior. Available in four elegant colors having our four different signature fragrances to make your car smell good over a period of 30-40 days!

    Gold Bless

    A smooth, delightful and alluring aroma creates an appealing impact as you drive along with GOLD BLESS. It is the perfect scent to enliven your car.

  • Ocean Escape

    Let the cool and crisp scent of OCEAN ESCAPE create a refreshing effect as you drive your car. The aquatic fragrance creates a long lasting and soothing effect.

  • Romantic Encounter

    Live in the mood of the moment with our dreamy ROMANTIC ENCOUNTER. This fragrance hits every classic romantic note and creates a whimsical impact.

  • Velvet Mask

    Rich, exquisite and long lasting French fragrance of VELVET MASK creates a cheerful feel and gives a favorable impression Stylish, Chic & Swanky looking Bottle adds up to the interior of your car.

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