• Small yet powerful! This miniature device will be attached to your car vent and smoothly diffuse the perfect blend of great fragrances in your car. Its brilliant gel technology creates a pleasant atmosphere with a strong scent around your car.


    BLOSSOM comes with a very sweet yet soft scent to give a floral enriched scent to the environment.

  • Violet Blast

    A relaxing fragrance with a long lasting impression to so you can enjoy the summertime sensation with a soothing odor of VIOLET BLAST.

  • Paradise

    PARADISE creates a shimmering lift as this sensual yet rich and lush scent is specially crafted to create a soothing atmosphere.

  • Aqua

    AQUA comes in a blend of fresh, clean and irresistible scent which enlivens the mood and elevates your normal driving experience.

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