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Ramadan in Quarantine

Tips to make Ramadan 2020 just like any other!

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The month of Ramadan provides Muslims all over the world with the chance to reconnect with their inner self and to be more mindful of the hardships that other people go through. The holy month starts with the sighting of the moon of Ramadan and end when the clear sky shows the moon of the month of Shawaal which is followed by Eid-ul-Fitr. However, this Ramadan has been observed significantly different from those which we or our elders have experienced in the past few years. The reason which is quite familiar to all of you is the Coronavirus crisis that has gripped the entire world in frenzy.

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However, Airpro Pakistan believes that with the blessings showered upon us on this holy month, there is no reason to spent Ramadan with all its glory this year too. Read our tips to make Ramadan in quarantine like the one's before.

Burn those Calories

With most of us home due to ongoing situation - we are getting little or no physical activity. Therefore, try to do some form of physical exercise even if it is walking around the house. It will do your muscles some good!

Home workout during Ramadan

Prep your meals

Plan and prepare your meals beforehand. Let's be honest - most of us have little or no energy as the time of iftar gets closer. Therefore, the earlier you prepare your meals the better it will be for you!

Meal preparation for Ramadan

Take balanced meals

Remember that you need to keep your immunity high and balanced meals are the way to go about it. Therefore, make conscious decisions when you are planning out your iftar and sehri. Include all the required food groups so that you can come out as stronger.

Balanced Ramadan meals


Take some time to spiritually heal yourself. Ramadan is the best time to connect with your inner self through meditation. You can also use different tactics to make your surroundings better which will help you in your journey towards spiritual healing.

Praying in Ramadan

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