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How to Organize a Messy Car

Wonderful tips to take care of the mess in your car

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A messy car can be a real put-off, especially when you are picking up your friends and they can’t even find room to sit! Are you looking for ways to organize your messy car? Well, worry not. We have compiled for you some wonderful tips that will help you organize your messy car.

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Tip # 1

The first step towards organizing your car or any living space would be to throw away the trash. It is only then that you can think clearly and think of ways to further organize your car. You can start off with three trash bags initially. Keep one bag for things that you want to throw away, one for those which you want to keep in your car. The last for those things which need to be inside your home rather than your car. Get yourself three bags and you will be surprised at what you accomplish with them.

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Tip # 2

We all accumulate trash. It would be silly on your part to assume that you can clean your car once and you wouldn’t have to do it again. What you could do is keep a plastic bag in your car and throw away your trash in that bag. You can even keep a small plastic container with a lid to keep all the odors inside the container. To give your car a fresh feeling, you can use an air freshener inside the car.

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Tip # 3

Some people manage to organize their cars but they fail to organize their trunk in the same way. They usually just toss everything in their trunk and let it be. It is only during a time they need to use their trunk that they realize what an absolute mess their car is! You could organize your car trunk using baskets of different sizes, each that would hold something that is important to you.

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Tip # 4

If you have kids, it is possible that organizing your car is an even more difficult job. You need to be extra careful with the organizing bit and even more careful with where trash is accumulating inside your car. Keep a reasonable amount of plastic bags inside your car and make sure you take care of any trash that is accumulating within.

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Happy Cleaning, folks!