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Flower Power

The power & significance of flowers on our everyday lives

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Flowers hold different sentimental value of each person. Isn’t it funny, though? How we associate flowers with all kinds of occasions – happy or sad. Flowers have the power of lighting up the most miserable of our days. While for some people they are gloomy reminders of loved ones who have passed away. Scents from flowers have an extraordinary impact on different people. Even the faint smell of perfume can bring down a gush of memories. Such is the power of flowers.

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Airpro flower power

Flowers make people happy

One doesn’t need stats from a research to prove that flowers do make people happy. The priceless expression on someone’s face upon receiving flowers, is enough proof to support that flowers do make people happy.

Airpro flower power

Flowers lift your spirits

Flowers are known to have a lasting impact on one’s mood. They are known to spark joy and lessen anxiety. They are known to have a positive impact on anyone who is feeling depressed or anxious.

Airpro flower power

Flowers improve relationships

Exchanging flowers with your friends and family can help to improve relationships. Being surrounded by flowers helps individuals to connect and build their relationships.

Airpro flower power

Flowers help the elderly

It has been proved that the properties in flowers help to reduce depression and anxiety among elders. They also help them become socially active and keep their memories refreshed.

Airpro flower power

Flowers simulate feelings of compassion

Have you felt the difference that flowers make in a room? They surround people with positive energy and evoke feelings of compassion among them. You can try this out yourself, simple place a bunch of freshly cut flowers in a vase and you will be surprised at the impact they have in a room.

Airpro flower power

We often see signs which say: “Say it with Flowers”. This phrase alone represents that flowers are the single most beautiful element that can be used to express joy as well as sadness.

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