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Coronavirus Quarantine: 5 things to do when stuck inside

Stay safe and sane with Airpro Pakistan

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With the coronavirus lurking around, there have been lock downs imposed in certain countries. Although, the lock downs are essentially to prevent more and more people from getting sick. Self-quarantine can have a lasting impact on your mental health. It is extremely important to protect your mental well-being in a time like this and team Airpro Pakistan has just the right things for you to do when stuck indoors.

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Have a designated work space

Work from home can get extremely distracting. What you need to do is have a designated work station so that you don't get off track and lose concentration. Decide on an area that is not too connected with the living area. The last thing you would want is to lose your job during this time.

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Stay active

You are probably not consuming as many calories as you normally do when you are stuck home. Therefore, its best that you find a way to exercise. You can easily YouTube videos related to yoga and aerobics that will help you stay active.

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Grab a good book

Books can be your best friend in times like these. They are the quickest and cheapest way to transport you into another land and free you from the shackles of this world.

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Indulge in aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known to have a multitude of benefits for individuals. You can light up some scented candles or order an air freshener online.

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Stay connected

You need to practice social distancing, but that does not mean that you do not keep in touch with your friends and family. Make sure that you have allot a certain time of your day to communicating with people on chat or video call. It will help you feel more connected and less cut-off from the world.

Above all - take care of yourself and your loved one's. We will get through this together. Till then - stay home, stay safe!