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6 Hacks to Make your Airpro Car Air Freshener Last Longer!

When investing in a car air freshener there are certain factors that you need to consider. Remember, an air freshener is a major investment and you must think it through. Imagine, giving a ride to someone and all they smell are the chicken nuggets you ate last night. Airpro Car Air fresheners are supposed to last months, so if your product is running out quickly there has to be something that you are doing wrong.

Not Enough Ventilation

Most people start relying heavily on air fresheners to take care of all the unpleasant odors. Do remember that you need to ventilate as well. Your Air Fresheners may help you clear the air but fresh air is equally important for your car. You might just be exhausting your air freshener unnecessarily, when all you need to do is aerate. Roll down the windows and take your car on a drive to a less busy area of the city. Give your car enough ventilation and let the Airpro Car Air Freshener do its magic.

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Cause of Odors

There are a number of reasons which can cause bad odors in your car. It can be a smelly floor mat, food left overs or even due to excessively smoking inside the car. While it is easy to drown the smell with an Airpro Car Air freshener, it is equally important that you eliminate the root cause of the odor. Regularly wash the mats in your cars and dust off any particles from the seats. You would be surprised by the kind of things you find lying around in your car and causing that horrible stench.

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Adjust the Settings Smartly

Most Airpro Car Air Fresheners come with an adjustable setting. You can set it according to your current requirement. There is a high, medium and low setting. You would seldom need to set the setting to “high” unless you are eating inside your car or it is really hot. Under general circumstances, your Airpro Air Freshener can be set to “low”, this will make your air freshener last longer.

Use an Oil-Based Airpro Car Air Freshener

As compared to gel-air fresheners and aerosol ones, oil-based air fresheners last the longest. This is probably due to the fact that they use highly concentrated oils which can overcome all kinds of unpleasant odors in your car car-atmosphere.

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Buy yourself an Air freshener that comes with a Re-filler

If you disagree with all of the above solutions then you might want to buy an air freshener which comes with a re-filler. You can replace the re-filler and instantly get a brand new air freshener for your car! Most Airpro Car Air Fresheners come with a free re-filler!

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Flush your Car Air-Conditioner

One of the root cause of a foul smelling car atmosphere can be an issue with your AC system. It is possible for mould to develop internally in your car air conditioner. If your car has a musky foul smell that won’t go away no matter what air freshener you use the issue is most likely your AC system. Use a disinfectant to flush your car air conditioner to get rid of the smell and improve the life of Airpro Car Air Freshener.

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Hope you find the solution that suits you best. Stay tuned for more tips, hacks and much more!