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5 Easy Hacks to Make Your House Look Clean!

Get a clean and fresh look in your house instantly!

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and you are buried deep into your comforter. The kids are staying at their grandmother for the weekend and you are catching up on the latest episode of “Desperate Housewives”. An unpleasant yet familiar sound rings in your ears, it is unbearable and difficult to ignore. You pick up the phone and it’s your childhood friend who happens to be in the neighborhood and wants to - drop by??

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The situation is probably familiar for most of you, uninvited guests can truly be a nightmare for any woman. While, the situation is unavoidable there is a lot you can do to make it better. We have compiled 6 amazing hacks which will make your house look super clean and have a lasting impact on your guests as well!

What you would be needing:

  • Best Air Freshener available.
  • Vacuum/broom
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Cleaning Spray
  • Clean clothes, deodorant, hair-brush

Step # 1 - Get Rid of Stinky Odor

The number one step to cleaning your house is getting rid of all the unpleasant odors! Open all the windows and let in all the fresh air possible. Spray the entire house with the Best Air Freshener available, especially around the bathroom and the garbage disposal.

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Step # 2 – De-clutter!

Put away everything unnecessary that you find. Use a laundry basket or a basket in which you can chug away all the things around the house. If you have time, you can out all the stuff where it belongs. However, if you don’t then it is a good idea to hide it away till the guests leave. Clean all surfaces using a cleaning spray and wipe them clean using a cloth.

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Step # 3 – Vacuum

Vacuum the area where you will make you guests sit. This area is usually the living room, other than that vacuum the corridor through which your guests will enter. Another helpful tip is to close the doors of all the other rooms so that you can successfully hide your mess (ha!).

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Step # 4 – Disinfect your Bathroom

Once you have cleaned the living room and your house smells all nice and fresh you can move towards the bathroom. Get hold of disinfectant wipes and clean the toilet seat and sink! You don’t have to do this to all the bathrooms of the house. Just the guest one, and voila you are done!

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Step # 5 – Fix Yourself!

Last, but definitely not the least. Fix yourself, grab some clean clothes and spray deodorant over yourself. Brush you hair or take a shower if you have enough time, and you are good to go!

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Hope our tips will help you look and feel more presentable. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, hacks and much more!