• The Airpro inVent is the perfect invention for your car vent. The product has a mechanism to control the amount of fragrance in your car too! Comes in 5 amazing fragrances to improve the experience of your car journey.

    Lush Retreat

    LUSH RETREAT gives a totally modern and a truly beautiful scent to brighten up your mood.

  • Mountain Air

    A rich, sensual blend of airy tones through MOUNTAIN AIR creates a refreshing feeling for your car.

  • White Sands

    The exotic aroma of fresh floral to create a long-lasting aroma. WHITE SANDS will give you a refreshing feeling every time you sit in your car.

  • Midnight Breeze

    The crisp and sophisticated aroma of MIDNIGHT BREEZE relaxes, soothes, restores & balances your body and mind.

  • Caribbean Sea

    The combined scent of ocean mist, sea salt and feminine floral from CARIBBEAN SEA will make you feel special every time you sit in your car.

  • Anti-tobacco

    The smoking odor with ANTI-TOBACCO has been constructed to absorb bad odors while refreshing your surroundings with a pleasant smell.

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