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All the Classics you Need this Season

Choose your favorite scents from one of the ten awesome fragrances.

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The smooth taste and strong effect – these are the primal features of Airpro Classics. We used the most popular scents and put them into a simple form of fiber organic can to make your space recognizable and refreshed. Choose your favorite scents from one of the ten awesome fragrances.

Warm Vanilla

Warm Vanilla is a unique blend of warmth and sensuality. This scents draws its richness from heady substances like musk, vanilla and precious woods.

Wild Strawberry

The scent of Wild Strawberry is sweet and fruity. The child-like scent is definitely a mood booster.

Coconut Colada

Feel the air of exotic islands with the sensual scent of Coconut Colada which includes tropical note, lush and sweet scent.

Bubble Gum

Feel the happiness and freshness with the fruit-like odor of bubble gum.

New Car

The strong and aromatic scent of New Car will refresh your drive.

Sweet Pineapple

Enliven your mood with the sweet and fruity scent of pineapple


Enjoy the aroma of roasted coffee as it creates an amazing environment for you to feel happy and comfortable.

Green Apple

The unique features for our new products are the longer performance, improved perfume formula and availability in two unique forms

Black Crystal

Black Crystal is a unique blend of energizing scents for a long lasting impact on your ambiance.


Sweet and tart at the same time recreated through red fruit notes and grape, cherry Licious is the scent to lighten up the mood.

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