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Airpro - An Air Freshener for Everyone

Let’s find you an air freshener that suits your personality!

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At Airpro, we believe in diversity and distinctiveness. Every human is different, and these differences are what makes us so wonderful and unique. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated in a special way and their choices are meant to be respected. This is why we have an air freshener for every personality. Each air freshener is carefully crafted with only the finest ingredients to suit the taste of our valued customers.

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The Performer – MicMan

The Micman is for all those who are extroverted and are commonly known as the entertainers. They thrive on the attention they get and have extremely strong interpersonal skills. These people are mostly fun to be around and have a creative edge. The Micman with its amazing range is bound to compliment the personality of a performer!

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The Explorer – .VIVA LIFE.

All set to be released in Pakistan, the .VIVA LIFE. is the perfect series for a travelling enthusiast. This series represents some of the major cities in the world; Paris, London, Dubai, Tokyo and New York. If you are a free spirit and you love to explore, this is just the right air freshener for you. It comes in two product form that are organic cans and paper cards which are made up of all-natural materials!

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The Thinker – inVent

People with this personality type are brilliant at generating theories. Their though process and unrelenting logic is simply an inspiration for everyone around them. The inVent is the perfect air freshener or such personalities. Since they are barely interested in boring day-to-day activities, the inVent is definitely the creative spark they need in their lives.

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The Nurturer – Natural Series

Some of us, believe in giving more than they ever receive. These are the nurturers, the philanthropists. It is due to their kind and generous behavior that the world continues to move forward. They value harmony above all and are considerate of others needs more than their own. The Airpro Natural Series is an organic and eco-friendly series that imparts freshness into the air.

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The Supervisor – Helmet

Among us are those who are born leaders, they are those who are extremely dedicated and conform to rules in the society. They are highly organized and clear in differentiating in between the right and the wrong. The Helmet is the perfect car accessory that defines the personality of a supervisor.

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The Perfectionist – Premium Series

There is a perfectionist in every group of friends, and if you don’t have one maybe it is you! Perfectionism is when a person is constantly striving to achieve the best and has set extraordinarily high standards for himself. The Premium Series itself defines perfection at its very best. It is created to bring true scents of luxury and alluring feeling around you!

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Respecting personal choices is the true essence of our brand. What’s your personality type? Let us know in the comments below!