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7 Facts About Quaid-i-Azam You Probably Didn’t Know!

Remembering a true leader, Quaid.

· Pakistan

Youngest Indian to Pass Law Exams

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the youngest Indian to pass the law examination in England. He started working as a Barrister at Bombay at the young age of 20!

Jinnah’s First Marriage lasted only a Few Weeks

Quaid got married to his first cousin and soon after that left for England to complete the remainder of his studies. Unfortunately, his wife Emibai passed away a few weeks later.

Quaid Briefly Joined a Theater Group

The young Barrister at one point tried to switch his career and joined a theater group in London. The idea was met with resistance from his family and he eventually gave up the idea to pursue law as a career.

Was Known for his Sense of Fashion

Quaid was known to be one of the well-dressed people of his time. He never repeated the same tie in the court room and insisted that he should be dressed formally on his death bed as well.

The Iconic “Jinnah Cap” Has a Great Deal of Significance

The Jinnah Cap, which is seen in many of his portraits signifies the commitment Jinnah had towards Allama Mohammad Iqbal’s dream to create a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent.

Fixed his Salary to Rs1/Month

Earning almost Rs 1500/case, Jinnah fixed his salary to only Rs1/Month as the Governor General in Pakistan. The reason being that he did not want to indebt the already instable economy in Pakistan.

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