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4 Summer Drinks to Indulge in this Season

Stay refreshed with Airpro this Summer!

· Summer

With the summer season in full swing its necessary to keep yourself hydrated at all times. Enjoy these 4 drinks to stay happy and hydrated this summer!

Good Old Pina Colada

The classic Pina Colada never gets old. All you need is some pineapple, lime, and coconut. Dont forget to garnish it with some extra lime when you serve it!

Pina Colada

Mint Margarita

If you are a fan of tangy drinks then mint margarita is your best friend. Mix in some lime, soda, and lemon. Dont forget to garnish the rim of your glass with some salt too!

Mint Margarita

Peach Fizz

Just like lemon fizz you can fix yourself some peach fizz too if you arent into drinks that are too tangy. Fix in some lemons in there if you are looking for that edge though. 

Peach fizz

Strawberry, Watermelon Cocktail 

The combiantion of strawberry and water melon is simply to die for. Add some basils when you serve (only if you like the flavour).

strawberry cocktail

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